The Philipps School of Marburg

The Philipps University of Marburg started by Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse, in 1527. It is the most well-known Protestant school in the world plus the oldest in Germany. Though it has no religious affiliation, the university is a public institution of higher learning in the point out of Hesse. It is also a center for the study of beliefs and the history of philosophy. The Philipps University of Munich is the closest grounds to Marburg.

The university or college is centered on research in the sciences, especially in the areas of biology and psychology. It also seems to have two organic gardens and an company for close to and Middle Eastern research. The university’s psychology and geography departments have received Excellence Group position in the CHE Excellence Ranking 2009. Further, the school’s centre for environmental research is being among the most renowned in the area. The Philipps University of Marburg has a strong focus on the humanities, which is evident in its concentrate on social and cultural background.

The College or university of Marburg has numerous specialist explore centers. The Centre with regards to Gender Research and Feminist Futurology, for example , holds classes on sexuality issues, peculiar identity, and feminism consist of cultures. The school also has quite a few exchange programs with educational institutions in other parts of Europe and round the world. The Center for Interdisciplinary Spiritual Research gives lectures on topics concerning religious morals, anthropology, and faith. The Division of Neuroscience is a visible centre just for neurobiology, neuroscience, and drugs.

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